July 29, 2016

Past Projects

Past Projects

H2O 4ALL has worked all around the globe, in over 10 countries, helping hundreds of thousands of people.

South America:


In 2010 H2O4ALL participated in a project to ensure safe, reliable water for residents of La Playa on the outskirts of Barranquilla, Colombia. The water project paired the RainXchange® rainwater harvesting system by Aquascape, Inc. with a water purification system. The system provides clean drinking water for approximately 500 school children year-round as well as their families.

The children and teens attending La Rosa de Saron are part of a large community of people who were displaced from their rural communities due to conflict and violence. They live in make-shift homes, many with dirt floors, no electricity or water.

Prior to H2O4ALL’s involvement, the school had an unreliable and extremely expensive source of water. The entire community has benefited from the rain harvesting and water purification system installed at La Rosa de Saron School.

Central America

Dominican Republic

2012 marked the first time we visited the Dominican Republic. H2O4ALL utilized its partnership with FILTERPURE, Inc. to redesign their household clay water filter, capable of removing 99.99% of contaminants. This will dramatically reduce waterborne diseases in a country where piped water is not potable. This is one measure of our innovation. We were able to help out with 2,000 filters, that is 2,000 families.


In wake of the earthquake in 2010, H2O4ALL utilized our partnership with FILTERPURE, Inc. to redesign their household clay water filter. By changing the composition of the filter, H2O4ALL will be able to lower production cost to make the filter more affordable by Haitian households. This project once again helped 2,000 families. Totalling 80,000 people helped through these clay pot filters.



Over 12,000 children die every year from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation in Uganda.

H2O 4 ALL started its safe water initiatives in Uganda, Africa. Through the use of rainwater harvesting, purification of existing water sources and deep well drilling thousands of people have benefited from safe water both for drinking and agricultural use. With the innovative use of appropriate technology, H2O 4 ALL is able to ensure that water stored in tanks will not become contaminated through stagnation. This allows for the storage of large quantities of water during the rainy seasons.

We started at the Kawolo Hospital in 2012, and returned in 2014


We worked in 2011 to install a 25,000 Litre rain water collection and filtration system at the Ruth Sommerville Medical Clinic. We partnered with Alongside International. Bringing clean water to over 25,000 residents



Working with the Aquascape Foundation and International Needs Network, H204ALL installed an 80,000 litre rainwater harvesting and water purification system at Kanuwloe community school in the Volta Region of Ghana. With a poverty rate of 38%, safe drinking water is unaffordable for almost half of the region’s population. The system will benefit 500 children and their families and ensure a safe, reliable water source during all seasons of the year.


Danchira is a village of 1,500 located on the outskirts of Ghana’s capitol city, Accra. Despite being in close proximity to Ghana’s economic hub, residents lack access to safe water and sanitation. In partnership with Bayside of South Sacramento Church (BOSS), H2O4ALL installed an 8,000 litre rainwater harvesting and water purification system at Danchira Village school. The system takes advantage of Ghana’s position near the Equator by utilizing solar power.


Kuve is a poor and deprived rural community of about 900 people in the Volta Region of Ghana. Partnering with the Aquascape Foundation, Genieye Systems, Inc. and International Needs Network, H204ALL installed a 32,000 litre rainwater harvesting and water purification system providing clean drinking water for the community. Pairing the rainwater harvesting and purification system with solar panels provided the perfect solution for this village that has yet to be connected to the national electricity grid.


In the most populous country in Africa, almost half of Nigerians have no access to clean water and around 70% have nowhere safe to go to the toilet.

Our project was able to make a dent, bringing in a rain water filtration and collection system serving over 10,000 residents.

Sierra Leone

2013 marked two projects in Sierra Leone, both in Freetown. The first was at United Polio Brothers and Sisters Association and the second was at the CIS Orphanage. 20,000 and 40,000 litre rain water filtration and collection systems were installed helping over 400 families in the community.


A country where over half of the population lives in poverty. H2O4ALL was approached by the Simon Poultney Foundation to solve the water crisis in the Village of Chibwelelo, Northern Zambia. Even though this community had 16 wells only one was operational leaving this community in urgent need of safe water. H2O4ALL was able to work with the leadership of this community to train them to repair and maintain these wells. Today, this community of 6,500 people are able to access clean and safe water.