July 29, 2016

Present Projects

Where and what we are working on in 2016

Dominican Republic

Filter project: July

We are once again working in tandem with FILTERPURE to bring more clay pot filters to the Dominican Republic. Watch the video here to learn more about these filters.

Servant’s Heart Ministries (SHM) Colegio Luz, Amor Y Vida School, Sosua: September

H2O 4 ALL will partner with Servant’s Heart to provide a consistent clean water supply to the Colegio Luz, Amor Y Vida School. The project includes the installation of a 5,000 litre clean water system with solar pumps, PVC piping from the tanks into the school and installation of H2O 4 ALL disinfection system. The project will provide clean water for drinking, washing, latrines and all needs of the school. The water source is from the town of Sousa. Water will immediately flow into collection storage tanks where it will be stored and then treated for use. This project will impact hundreds of local families.

Magoggo, Uganda: August

H2O 4 ALL will partner with Reach One Touch One Ministries (ROTOM) to provide a safe water borehole supply system & sanitation system to meet the water needs of the Magoggo community. This project will increase water access & quality, provide 7,000 litres of water a day, sustainability, community impact, and free water and hygiene training for residents.H2O 4 ALL’s safe water project will reduce water-borne illnesses transmitted through unsafe water increasing the overall community health. This project will allow for people utilizing the centre as well as neighbouring communities to access clean safe water and latrines for proper sanitation.